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Don't miss it! Jerusalem's 6 best authentic food spots!

Israeli food is unique and varies with its all-over-the-world influences. The different origins of foods brought different spices, techniques and flavors to the Israeli cuisine. Jerusalem is one of the biggest culinary centers of the country, with some of the most famous restaurants serving authentic food.

1. Azura

Established in 1952 at the Machane-Yehuda market, Azura is one of the most famous food establishments in Jerusalem. Any day of the week you can see a long line of hungry tourists and locals waiting to have a comforting meal. Azura’s Hand-made Turkish-Jewish food is one of the best in the country. Dishes such as Red/Hamusta Kube Soup, Sofrito, Moussaka and the famous rice-with-beans and Bull’s-Tail are served here all day until they are sold out. An authentic food experience you do not want to miss!

Kosher, $, CASH ONLY

4 Eshkol st. Jerusalem

2. Hummus Ben-Sira

The most famous middle-eastern dish is executed perfectly at Hummus Ben Sira.

Fresh homemade hummus, with various toppings to choose from, served in this intimate quiet place. The flag dish is Hummus with beef, but you can also enjoy hummus with mushrooms, grilled onions or a hard-boiled egg. All this comes with a side of fries and a couple of Pita bread to “wipe” with, and for a fair price!

Kosher, $

3 Ben Sira St. Jerusalem

3. Hatzot Steak House

Don’t let the name confuse you, this place is nothing like the usual steak house you would imagine. This popular spot was established in 1970 by the Ajami family, and became famous for inventing the “Jerusalem-Mix”- a dish containing a mixture of variety meats, with special seasoning. Hatzot invented it- and the entire country followed. You can also find different kinds of chicken, turkey or beef. All of them are served inside a pita bread with sauces and salad of your choosing.

Kosher, $

121 Agripas st. Jerusalem

4. Between Aza and Berlin

Between Aza st. and HaRav Berlin st. you will find this gem. A well known establishment, this place is famous for its home made comfort food. Kube Soup is considered one of the best in the city and Hummus is sold here in boxes of half a kilo and up. They have great sides to go with your Hummus like freshly made Falafel, hot peppers, various Hummus toppings and much more.

Kosher, $

1 Harav Chaim Berlin st. Jerusalem

5. Cafe Kadosh

Established in 1967, this European-style Cafe used to be a meeting point for all the Jerusalem elite in the 70’s. To this day, it remains one of the best Cafes in Jerusalem with their very own bakery and a rich menu, all in one place that feels like home.

Kosher, $$

Shlomzion HaMalka St 6, Jerusalem

6. Racha

Israel is an immigrant country, and the food differs and varies, with all kinds of influences. Racha is an Israeli-Georgian restaurant, serving Georgian Kosher food, probably one of the best in the country. It is situated in a 100 year old building, and once you enter you receive a warm welcome from the owner (sometimes even a hug!) and a selection of Gourmet Georgian foods for the soul!

Kosher, $$$

6 Havatzelet St. Jerusalem

Jerusalem has more than enough places to keep your hunger satisfied, but mostly these places represents this city’s history. The food and heritage of Jerusalem are bound together, passing on the flavors from one generation to the other, keeping the traditions and our sense of taste, alive.