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Hula Valley Bird Festival

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Nestled in the heart of the Galilee, site of some of the most significant events in the history of Christianity, is the Hula Valley. Lush with vegetation due to the abundance of water, the valley is a well-known stopover for thousands of migrating birds making their annual journey from Europe to Africa and back.

Building on the recognition of the Hula Valley as a major global birdwatching site, the International Hula Valley Bird Festival was born. Now in its fourth year, the Festival is firmly positioned as an important event for birding enthusiasts. The Festival (November 16-23, 2014) highlights the magnificent Hula Valley and northern Israel, home to some of the most incredible birding destinations on earth. Over the past three years, birdwatchers from dozens of countries who have attended the festival have logged over 200 different species of birds as well as 12 different species of mammals.

Festival participants will enjoy a full birding program that includes tours led by the leading birders and tour guides in the country, all of them specialists with intimate knowledge of the area and the birds.

The Hula Valley is at its best in late autumn as tens of thousands of common cranes and pelicans are present as well as over 25 species of raptors.  In addition, spotters may get the rare and enviable opportunity to view species such as the Greater Spotted and Eastern Imperial Eagles, Pallid Harrier and more. Local species such as the Black Francolin, Pygmy Cormorant and three species of Kingfishers offer extraordinary viewing and photo opportunities.

Reveling in the astounding beauty and majesty of the migrating birds in the Holy Land, festival participants will also feel spiritually enriched through the significance of the area to Christianity throughout the centuries.

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