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Jerusalem Marathon 2015

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Taking advantage of Jerusalem’s remarkable historyand architectural beauty – combined with a unique topography – the 2015 Jerusalem Marathon, which will take place on March 13, 2015, will offer a course that is both athletically challenging and replete with pointsof interest at nearly every turn.

With a series of cultural happenings planned aroundthe central event, the Jerusalem International Marathon providesinternational runners with the perfect opportunity to visit the ancient citywhile participating in a truly modern and excitement-filled competitivesporting event. 

This year, The Jerusalem Marathon takes runners on a route that tests not only the most experienced of runners, but also on a unique path through Jerusalem’s 3,000 year historical narrative, through the city so holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims. Participants run on the cobblestones of the holy and ancient city, through the beautiful neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and through the modern city center of Israel's capital. The views alone are enough to take your breath away.

The 2015 marathon offers three running tracks: 42km full marathon, 21km half marathon, and a 10km track. 

An EXPO - a Sport and Health exhibition will be hosted on March 18-20 at the ICC Jerusalem International Convention Center.

Over 5,000 runners - families, children and youth, ran on behalf of various social associations. Each year more and more associations join the marathon’s events, reaching a record number of participants and making it the biggest social marathon in Israel.

The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA), together with the Ministry of Tourism and EL AL Israel Airlines, offer special tourism packages at attractive rates, including cultural sites, venues and tourism attractions, restaurants and nightlife.

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