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Paternoster Church in Jerusalem

This church is built over a cave in which Jesus was said to have taught the disciples the prayer that begins "Our Father who art in heaven".

The 4th-century Byzantine church has been partially reconstructed and provides a good sense of what the original was like. The half-restored church has the same dimensions as the original; the garden outside the three doors outlines the atrium area.

Domus Galilaeae

Domus Galilaeae is a center of formation, for studies and retreat, on a piece of land situated on the Mount of Beatitudes. This project began its journey in the 80’s when Pope Paul VI was to build in Israel a center where Seminarians could complete their formation before being ordained. It was with this frame of mind that the Vatican purchased Notre Dame, near the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.

The Bethesda Pool in Jerusalem

The Bethesda Pool, where Jesus heals the paralytic man in the Gospel of John, is a complex site. It appears to have been a mikveh, or ritual bath. As the spot of one of Jesus’ miracles, the Bethesda Pool was built over in subsequent periods with chapels and churches that are still visible today.

Pool of Siloam

“The man they call Jesus made some mud and put it on my eyes. He told me to go to Siloam and wash. So I went and washed, and then I could see.” (Gospel of John, 9:1-12)

The Pool of Siloam is a rock-cut pool on the southern slope of the City of David, the original site of Jerusalem, located outside the walls of the Old City to the southeast. The pool was fed by the waters of the Gihon Spring, carried there by two aqueducts.
The Pool of Siloam is mentioned several times in the Bible. Isaiah 8:6 mentions the pool's waters, while Isaiah 22:9 ff. refers to the construction of Siloam tunnel.

Mount Precipice

Just south of Nazareth in the cliffs of Mt Kedumim is Mount Precipice, the traditional site of the cliff that an angry mob attempted to throw Jesus off of after his bold proclamation in the Nazareth synagogue (Luke 4:16-30).
The site offers a panoramic view of the patchwork Jezreel Valley and Mount Tabor, especially nice at sunrise.

The Cradle of Christianity Exhibition- See What you have read in the Scriptures

The new route in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem offers Christian visitors a route through chapters of the history of Christianity and Jesus.

Statue of a ram discovered near ancient church in Caesarea

An impressive marble statue of a ram, an ancient Christian symbol for Jesus, was discovered on Christmas Eve during the excavation of a Byzantine-period church in Caesarea.
Copyright: Vered Sarig, The Caesarea Development Corporation

Things you should know before you baptize in the Jordan River

The baptismal site “Yardenit” on the Jordan River is a must-visit place for any visitor or pilgrim. Many of the tourist with not only to visit, but also be baptized in the same place where John baptized Jesus Christ. The site offers 12 separate baptismal pools, enabling different groups to comfortably conduct private worship ceremonies. Every year, over half a million tourists from all over the world visit the site.
Here are the most important things to know before you go. 

Mount of Beatitudes

The suggestion of this hill for the location of the Sermon on the Mount is a good one. Once known as Mt. Eremos, this hill is located between Capernaum and Tabgha and is just above the “Cove of the Sower.” 

 This spacious hillside provides much room for crowds to gather, as evidenced by preparation for 100,000 Catholics to observe mass nearby with the Pope’s visit in March 2000.

Don't miss it! Jerusalem's 6 best authentic food spots!

Israeli food is unique and varies with its all-over-the-world influences. The different origins of foods brought different spices, techniques and flavors to the Israeli cuisine. Jerusalem is one of the biggest culinary centers of the country, with some of the most famous restaurants serving authentic food.