In the Footsteps of “the Apostles’ Mission”

One of the most gratifying aspects of any pilgrim’s trip to the Holy Land, is the prospect of walking in the shoes of the famed apostles, bearers of the Gospel throughout the country, and later on, across the globe.

Mary Magdalene, fierce believer and loyal emissary to the Savior, provides an excellent “excuse” for pilgrims to visit her birthplace and home-base, the settlement Migdal, known in the Bible as “Magdala”.

Migdal, located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, served, already in Jesus’s lifetime, as a Jewish center for the residents of the region. This is evidenced by the town’s importance in the days of the revolt against the Romans, and the fact that it was the command center for Josephus Flavius’s (commander of the Galilee) soldiers.

   Mary Magdalene, fierce believer and loyal emissary to the Savior

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