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Following the Faith

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Paul the Apostle’s Caesarea – The Vision was Spread from Here

Caesarea sits right in the middle of the state of Israel, between North and South, is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and serves, today, as the largest outdoor theater in Israel. However, Caesarea is much more than a grandiose archaeological site from Roman times. Paul the apostle was jailed in Caesarea for two years, and from there, he made his way to Rome where he was put on trial and sentenced to death.

Things you should know before you baptize in the Jordan River

The baptismal site “Yardenit” on the Jordan River is a must-visit place for any visitor or pilgrim. Many of the tourist with not only to visit, but also be baptized in the same place where John baptized Jesus Christ. The site offers 12 separate baptismal pools, enabling different groups to comfortably conduct private worship ceremonies. Every year, over half a million tourists from all over the world visit the site.
Here are the most important things to know before you go. 

5 top important sites to any Christian Israel

The holy land is full of places important to Christianity. Some of those places connect to certain stories and people, but only the most important ones are the places where Jesus lived and died. The story of the holy land is the story of Jesus and in the locations listed here, you will be able to follow His footsteps, His miracles and His legacy to the world.


The Custodian of the Holy Land, Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa calls out: Do Not Abandon the Holy Land

Terrorist attacks by fundamentalist groups worldwide, have affected pilgrimages to the Holy Land, causing a decrease of more than 40 percent in the number of pilgrimages. Despite some signs of recovery, the fear of going to this blessed Land remains great.

Walking the Gospel Trail - Part II

This is our final day, and some of the most fascinating sites and views are ahead of us.

Walking the Gospel Trail - Part I

The Gospel Trail is the perfect pilgrimage for those who truly want to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. The trail is 62km (38.5 miles) long and was opened in 2011. It allows you to tangibly experience the biblical landscape and the spirituality of the Holy Land. The trail begins in Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus, and is believed to be the route Jesus walked on his journey to the Sea of Galilee.

The first day begins at the starting point on Mount Precipice, also known as the Mount of the Leap of the Lord, a site that has been identified with the passage in Luke 4:29-31.

Pilgrimage "In the footsteps of Mary"

A pilgrimage in the footsteps of Mary is a deeply personal spiritual experience that takes you straight into the heart of the gospel to acquaint you with the mother of Jesus and allow you to discover the divine mysteries. Gaining in-depth personal insights about Mary perfectly rounds out the gospels, and when equipped with a better understanding of the Mother, you will gain even more profound knowledge of the son.

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Cycling in biblical sites

Ride your bike through the Biblical sites of the Galilee

This seven day tour will take you to the well known sites of the Galilee, mentioned in the Old and New Testament. From Mt. Carmel to the sea of Galilee; from First Kings to the Gospel of John; from Elijah & Deborah to Jesus of Nazareth. Ride through the villages of the region, some of them places of pilgrimage for the past two thousand years.

Day one
Haifa and Mt. Carmel. The story of Elijah
Approx. 35 Km.

The Gospel Trail: Following in the Footsteps of Jesus

Following the footsteps of Jesus, takes a whole new meaning by following the "Gospel Trail". "And leaving the city Nazareth, he came and dwelt in Capharnaum on the sea coast …" (Matthew 4:13). From Mount of Precipice on the southern outskirts of Nazareth to Capernaum, you can visit the same places and see the same landscapes that Jesus visited and saw.