Easter in the Holy Land Contest

Honoring  the centrality of the Holy Land to Easter, we held a unique social media contest that ran from February 29 – March 18,  .in which we offered viewers the opportunity to walk down the same paths as Jesus.  How? By making a one-minute video clip explaining why celebrating Easter in the Holy Land is so special. Contestants uploaded their videos to YouTube with a link to our Facebook page, which was decorated for Easter. The contestant whose video was viewed the most would win a one-week tour of the holy sites this Easter in the Holy Land.
To promote the contest, we produced a short video in which the contest and contest rules were presented against the backdrop of Jerusalem. This video was translated into seven languages and positioned as the leading video on the Catholic YouTube channel, which was redesigned especially for Easter.
The contest was also promoted on the Catholic Twitter page and further supported through ongoing advertising on Google through banners and ads. The advertising effort led to a total of 40,332 clickthroughs, 40% of which were converted into likes.
Quick overview: facts and figures
Twenty-five videos promoting pilgrimage to the Holy Land were submitted, and 46,000 people viewed them. Over 20,000 likes were received following the contest. What's more, 25,000 people viewed the winning video (submitted by Lindsay and Robert from the USA and Spain), which received over 1,000 likes (on YouTube).