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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

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Christians in the Holy Land have recently completed a special week (January 19-27) of prayer for unity among the Christians in the Holy Land, which takes place annually at the end of January. Christians belonging to various communities congregated each day of the week at a church of a different denomination and prayed together. Information with a list of the churches that participated is available at the Christian Information Center, near Jaffa Gate in the Old City. The services were generally held each afternoon for one hour and were followed by a reception.

Many of the participants arrived early to have a unique opportunity to explore the history and archeological background of the various churches prior to the service. One of the churches that hosted a service of joint prayer is the Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem, which is home to the German-speaking Protestant community as well as to the English- and Arabic-speaking communities of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan & the Holy Land. The Church of the Redeemer was built on a historically significant site. Under the nave, you can walk “through the centuries” and explore archeological remains going back to the time of Herod the Great. A museum in the cloister provides further information on the history of the city. What’s more, the church tower offers a wonderful view of the Old City.

The service of prayer for unity at the Church of the Redeemer was attended by many different Christian denominations and led by the Protestant Bishop Younan. Readings and prayers were conducted in many languages by the various Lutheran Ministers serving the communities in the Holy Land.