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Feast of Visitation

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In the Catholic tradition, the entire month of May is devoted to the Virgin Mary, culminating in the Feast of the Visitation on May 31. The feast recalls the day on which the Blessed Virgin Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who herself was pregnant with John the Baptist, in the village of Ein Karem, situated on the western slopes of Jerusalem. The feast and the afternoon procession mark the end of this month of prayer and draw thousands of pilgrims to the afternoon procession honoring the Virgin Mary in the Christian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. A highlight of the feast is the morning mass in the Church of the Visitation, also in Ein Karem. The Church of the Visitation can be reached by a short climb that presents a breathtaking view of the entire village. The calm and serenity of the place will make you forget the tiring walk. At the gate, you will be greeted by two statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her pregnant cousin, Elizabeth. Inside the premises, you will find a wall with the sublime hymn by the Virgin Mary, the Magnificat in 42 different languages. The place is conducive to quiet reflection and offers various places for worship and meditation. This small village neighborhood of Ein Karem has great significance in Christian traditions, since this is where John the Baptist is believed to have been born. Today, the village draws a population of artists and people of free trades. It is a dreamy place, inviting visitors on a stroll through narrow alleys, winding their way through landscapes from time immemorial and beautifully built stone houses that lead you through its lovely assortment of churches, cafes and restaurants. The Church of the Visitation, Ein Karem