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Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival 2015

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Musicians of a myriad of religions from the four corners of the world gather once a year in Jerusalem for a pilgrimage of peace, tolerance and brotherhood and for four days of performances that will do everything from make you stop and ponder, have you dancing wildly and enlighten you, making your heart soar.
The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival is a harmonious call to all the nations and faiths of the world to come together in equality and to rejoice in themselves. This festival of song, discourse and deliberation offers a setting that embraces a variety of sacred music, sweeping participants away in a blend of the senses.
Over the course of the four days, dozens of performances from Israel and around the world take place, including some new original productions. For example, jive along at a celebration of roots reggae, watch masters from different cultures play together on one stage or spend a white night at the Tower of David wandering among dozens of performances, ceremonies and incantations.
The venues are almost as conducive to spirituality as the music itself, including thousand-year-old caves, churches and synagogues.
In a city of diversity that has heard innumerable prayers and hymns, the Sacred Music Festival succeeds in producing an ode to brotherhood and faith in the human spirit.