September 2015


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The Custodian of the Holy Land, Father Pierbattista Pizaaballa calls out: Do Not Abandon the Holy Land!
Listening to the voices of the various Christian communities who live in Israel, I tell you: "Do not abandon the Holy Land." There is no sensible reason not to organize a pilgrimage to the Holy Places. Security in shrines and areas frequented by pilgrims is guaranteed. We Christians of the Holy Land are in need more than ever of the presence and the support of pilgrims who come here to pray from all over the world.Read More...
Find The best Places to Visit in Israel this Summer!
elah valley Elah Valley

The Valley of Elah, "the Valley of the Terebinth". It is called after the large and shady terebinth trees which are indigenous to its parts, and best known as the place described in the Bible where the Israelites were encamped when David fought Goliath.

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PikiWiki_Israel_34270_St._George_Monastery_(Wadi_Qelt) Wadi Qilt

The wadi itself is good for travel only for those out for a pleasant day hike. In ancient times, people made their way on the route above. Some of the biblical events which likely occurred on this route include: David’s flight from Absalom and more...

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השומרוני2 Visit The Good Samaritan Museum

The museum at the Good Samaritan Inn archeological site by Ma’ale Adumim is the only mosaic museum in the country and one of only three in the world.

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We look forward to welcoming you in the Holy Land
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