5 top important sites to any Christian Israel

The holy land is full of places important to Christianity. Some of those places connect to certain stories and people, but only the most important ones are the places where Jesus lived and died. The story of the holy land is the story of Jesus and in the locations listed here, you will be able to follow His footsteps, His miracles and His legacy to the world.


In the New Testament, the city is described as the childhood home of Jesus, and as such is a center of Christian pilgrimage, with many shrines commemorating biblical events. While you walk these streets you imagine how Jesus walked here 2000 years ago. Over a dozen sites and places of interest for the Christian tourist are waiting to be seen around Nazareth, Which is the largest Arab city in Israel. From the Basilica of Annunciation to the colorful Old Market, Nazareth has you covered for a beautiful day filled with Jesus’s spirit and new experiences. 

The Jordan River
This river which witnessed Jesus’s baptism gets its water from the melting Hermon mountain snow. It runs from North to South from the Sea of Galilee and into the Dead Sea. Jordan River offers more than just hikes, water sports and natural reserves- you can also be baptized at the Yardenit baptismal site. Yerdenit is a registered baptismal site and is located on the banks of the river between magnificent Eucalyptus trees. It is the perfect spot for recollection in serenity.
Jerusalem is as important to Christianity as Nazareth, and holds dozens of historic and religious locations to visit. To this day, Jerusalem remains the point where fortunes are shaped and epic battles are fought. Jesus and Jerusalem are bound together, and you can feel that as you walk the streets which are filled with raw beauty and ancient secrets. The Garden of Gethsemane, Via Dolorosa and many sites of great importance, await you in the Holy capital of Israel. 

Cana of the Galilee
The very first miracle Jesus had ever performed was turning water into wine at a poor couple’s wedding in Cana. Visiting Cana is an emotional and inspiring experience. It is possible to actually witness a Christian wedding or the renewal of wedding vows when you visit, acts that became a tradition over the years. The small village is located in between the scenic views of the Galilee and was recently renovated. A beautiful promenade was built to welcome the 200,000 tourist that visit Cana every year.

Sea of Galilee
This is where Jesus gathered his first disciples, and performed the miracle of walking on water. By the gorgeous shores of the Sea of Galilee, surrounded by beautiful mountains, you will not only feel how special it is, you will also understand what Jesus felt when he came here. You will gaze upon the same views which Jesus did, and hopefully you will find inspiration just like He did. The entire surrounding of the Sea of Galilee is filled with history. You might want to take the stone path from Capernaum to the place of multiplication of loaves and fishes. 

Once you’ve visited these special places, you will realize how this experience changed you, how it made you stronger and inspired. Once you’ve felt those things, you will understand that falling in love with the holy land is inevitable. This season, come visit the Land of the Bible for a once in a lifetime trip. We are waiting for you!