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The Cradle of Christianity Exhibition- See What you have read in the Scriptures

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The new route in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem offers Christian visitors a route through chapters of the history of Christianity and Jesus.
In contrast to the scarcity of artifacts associated with Christianity in the first centuries, there is a wealth of objects dating from the period in which Christianity developed as the Imperial religion - the fourth through seventh century. These remains, together with contemporary literary sources, present a fairly complete picture of Christian life in the Holy Land during the Byzantine period, an important chapter in the history of this country, which, to a certain extent, is unfamiliar to the local audience.
The exhibition is divided into several sections. The first deals with the time of Jesus, presenting the significant events of His life. Other sections are devoted to the structure and liturgy of the early church, pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and monasticism, a widespread and highly important phenomenon. Another topic addressed by the exhibition is the world of Christian imagery and symbols and its expression in local art, particularly in small-scale objects.
It is one’s hope that the exhibition will help shed light on the history of this land and increase understanding and tolerance at the dawn of the third Millennium.