Paul the Apostle’s Caesarea – The Vision was Spread from Here

Caesarea sits right in the middle of the state of Israel, between North and South, is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and serves, today, as the largest outdoor theater in Israel. However, Caesarea is much more than a grandiose archaeological site from Roman times. Paul the apostle was jailed in Caesarea for two years, and from there, he made his way to Rome where he was put on trial and sentenced to death. “Paul’s Caesarea” represents the cosmopolitan nature of the city, Jews and Christians living side-by-side, engaging in trade and moving about the ancient world, just like Paul, who traveled along the Mediterranean coastline, dispersing the Christian Gospel and making it accessible to many communities, primarily pagans. In Caesarea, we can see and feel for ourselves the surroundings in which Paul the apostle lived: merchant cities, big and fortified, busy streets and giant cultural centers, such was Caesarea.

Strolling through the ruins of the old city, the tremendous fortress and the digs around the walls, will impress any archaeology or history enthusiast, but not only. Israel is home to striking beaches on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and Caesarea boasts one of the country’s most beautiful beaches. A virgin beach, simple, picturesque and very convenient.

You may tour the site for a full day, enjoy a visit to the museum, an excursion along the coast and strolling through the ruins of this magnificent city, a prominent relic of the period in which Jesus and Paul his apostle were born and active.

A night tour in the Caesarea archaeological site will make your experience all the more exciting, with a sound and light show suitable for adults and children as one. Combine a visit to one of the restaurants on site or nearby, and enjoy an unforgettable biblical experience.