The Dead Sea, a Natural Wonder at the Lowest Point on Earth

The Dead Sea, an awe-inspiring treasure located at the lowest point on Earth, is full of natural wonders. It lies there quietly, majestically offering visitors and viewers alike an undeniably unique experience.

And now, as the closing date for the global New7Wonders of Nature campaign approaches (11.11.11), the competition is gearing up for the final phase. In addition to the online and text-message voting options, supporters of the Dead Sea around the world can now take advantage of the new international telephone voting lines, which are open 24 hours a day.

How to vote by telephone in three easy steps:

Dial one of these international telephone numbers (not valid from VOIP, internet, Skype or other discount service):
+ 23 9220 1055
+1 869 760 5990
+1 649 339 8080
+44 758 900 1290

At the end of the message, after the tone, enter the 4-digit code for the Dead Sea: 7707.
When you hear the thank you message, your vote has been registered.

Calls to the international telephone voting line will be charged according to your telephone provider’s standard international rates.

You can also vote for the Dead Sea over the internet, with only one vote for the seven finalists from each e-mail address, online via the Ministry of Tourism’s website ( or the ministry’s dedicated Dead Sea website ( or via the campaign website (

Voting by text message is available in Israel only, by sending the words Dead Sea in Hebrew, Arabic or English to 2244 (unlimited voting for one candidate only, cost per message NIS 1).




Follow the Dead Sea’s campaign on social media:!/VoteDeadSea

For more information, read the following article: The natural wonders of the Dead Sea